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On Sunday's LTAR, Bob remarked about the demise of the 
country format on Y-107 in New York City. He implied 
that the station--also known as WYNY--was a big FM. 
Well, although the WYNY calls were once on 97.1 in New 
York (the big country station that at one time was WNBC-
FM), Y-107 was not that station. In fact, Y-107 was a 
simulcast of four rimshot stations, and I'm not sure 
whether any of them officially had the WYNY calls. One 
is in Briacliffe Manor in Westchester county; one is on 
Long Island somewhere; one is in northern New Jersey; 
and I believe that the fourth station is in the 
Bethlehem PA area. All are on 107.1, so the idea was 
that together they would have a big signal, but neither 
individualy nor collectively did they really penetrate 
the five boroughs. I think the idea was that there are 
very few devotees of country music in the five boroughs; 
the country folks live in the suburbs and much of that 
region gets OK reception of one of the four signals that 
joined in the simulcast. Maybe the country music fans in 
the New York area are losing good programming, but one 
can argue that a mickey-mouse arrangement of four 
rimshot signals simulcasting was doomed from the git-go.

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