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Re: Slow Speed radio recording like a VCR, etc.

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002 07:20:19 -0500 "Bill O'Neill" <billo@shoreham.net>
> Ouch.  Can't believe I'm actually in the position to ask this, but 
> when
> was the last time you actually visited?  (The city, not the 
> station.)
> Bill O'Neill
> > Isn't WCAP in Lowell? hhhmmmm...definitely no need for
> > no stinkin' dumpster!!! :)
> >
> > Take care,
> > Roy Lawrence

I didn't want to respond because I like keeping places that have risen
from the ashes to myself....much like the Merrimack River....see, now
most people on this list will think I'm kidding....