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Re: Oldies, contest?

C. Jenest wrote: 
> CC was fined $80,000 in April 2000 in Florida for being
> deceptive with their contests. In Florida they MUST follow
> rules such as:
> . If stations broadcast an interview with a winner, they
> "must disclose the city/state where winner resides," he
> says. 
> . Stations cannot edit "the voice of an out-of-state winner
> with the voice of a local radio personality to make it
> sound as if the winner was local," he says.

Oldies 103.3 does replay the voice of the winner responding
to questions from the Oldies 103.3 DJ. That would constitute
an interview in my mind.

It would appear that they are "editing the voice of the winner
with the voice of the local radio personality."  While it may not
be illegal in Massachusetts, it approaches deceitful.

At no time have I heard any mention of where the winner 
actually resides.  But, many of them sport such deep
southern accents, that it's obvious they don't come from

It's most laughable to hear the "cue to call" played right in the
middle of a commercial.  Computer generated randomness?

Roger Kirk