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Re: WNSH (was Question about legal ID's)

According to "The Salem Evening News" (I believe it
was January 1990) a cigarette that was smoked by some
kids who broke into the transmitter shack set a couch
ablaze in an upper level room from where the
transmitter was. Oddly enough, the fire didn't destroy
the transmitter, the water putting out the fire did! 
  Just days after the fire I went to see what was left
of the building and noticed the basement was flooded.
Equipment and furniture where scattered everywhere
outside. What an awful feeling to see such a committed
radio station serving it's community destroyed.

Take care,
Roy Lawrence  

Yeah, that was it.  Clinton Avenue.  But I also
remember that WMLO's 
address was always P.O. Box 344, Beverly 01915.  Can
anybody please 
tell me
either on-list or off details of the fire, like when
it happened, how 
started, etc.? Now you've got me curious, since I
kinda sorta used to 
there five minutes a week.  :)

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