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Re: Oldies, contest?

Well, I commonly hear music jocks read live commericals without making a
distinction. Maybe it's obvious when they do it that the thing they're
reading is an ad, but there's no real difference between that an a live
spot in a news broadcast. Most news announcers, myself included, do
usually throw in the "now this commercial message" for our own protection
and to put some separation between our news and the ad. It lets us keep
our credibility. But I've never been told that I had to do it.


Scott J. Saloway      
WKOK Newsradio 1070
Sunbury, PA

On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> Stations are also required to clearly distinguish between ``content''
> and ``advertising'': all advertising must be clearly identified or
> identifiable as such.  (That's why you often hear the announcers on
> WBZ say, ``The following is a commercial message'', before launching
> into a live-read Vermont Teddy Bear spot or a other commercial which
> sounds confusingly similar to an actual news broadcast.)