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Re: WNSH (was Question about legal ID's)

> --- Roy Lawrence <lawrencemedia@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > The Danvers WNSH transmitter site was at the end of
> > Clinton Avenue. The burnt structure still exist with
> > one remaining tower. The road is located just past
> > the
> > movie theater access entrance just off of Endicott
> > Street(exit 24/route 128).
Yeah, that was it.  Clinton Avenue.  But I also remember that WMLO's mailing
address was always P.O. Box 344, Beverly 01915.  Can anybody please tell me
either on-list or off details of the fire, like when it happened, how it
started, etc.? Now you've got me curious, since I kinda sorta used to "work"
there five minutes a week.  :)