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Re: WBZ-FM "Rockin' Stereo 106.7"

Richard Chadwick wrote:

>I remember hearing some song with voice tracks recorded right on the carts 
>- same talk up each time it played!!!  Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac 
>sticks out the most.

This was pretty common on automated stations of the era.  As I recall, the 
Hitparade format (re: WROR thread) had song intros recorded as part of the 
song.  They were just generic title & artist intros, maybe mentioning 
Hitparade (by necessity as it was a syndicated service).  WCGY used a 
service well into the 80s (from TM I think) that played 2 songs back to 
back which were backsold together ("the Eagles' Already Gone AND Debbie 
Boone, You Light Up My Life").  I recall hearing stations using this 
approach even in the mid 80s in some smaller markets.