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RE: WBZ-FM "Rockin' Stereo 106.7"

I remember WQGN in Groton CT using the same service, the "generic jock" in
between records, doing the "that was, this is."
I'd LOVE some airchecks of that station, especially the jingles. (really
bad, but part of my childhood!)

I think Mike Thomas had the WQGN automated jingles in the trunk of his car
for a while! Mike, if you still have 'em, send 'em to me, I'll dub 'em and
burn you a CD!

Rob Walker
Director of Operations
GCC Radio/Bend, Oregon

Steve wrote:

WCGY used a service well into the 80s (from TM I think) that played 2 songs
back to
back which were backsold together ("the Eagles' Already Gone AND Debbie
Boone, You Light Up My Life").  I recall hearing stations using this
approach even in the mid 80s in some smaller markets.