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WBZ-FM "Rockin' Stereo 106.7"

     WBZ-FM was the VERY, VERY POOR stepchild of WBZ
Radio and Television.  They figured that by having
WBZ-FM on the air (barely), it would keep at least one
FM frequency to be non-competitive with WBZ-AM.  They
were the last major FM in town to embrace Stereo on
12/31/71 at 4:00 pm.  The automation they used was
affectionately named "BoZo".  Look at the letters and
you'll see why. 
     No matter what they did, WBZ-FM WOULD make
numbers.  Imagine having a practically
"non-commercial" continuous Top-40 in FM Stereo in the
6th largest radio market.  It was highly noticed by
the younger crowd (myself included).  Clark Schmidt
was WBZ-FM's only employee for some time.  Eventually
Captain Ken Shelton and crew would follow suit.  The
WBZ-FM "Boston Top-30" countdown with phoned-in intros
from listeners was VERY popular for several years
(254-8989).  To think that Group W (Westinghouse)
would sell the FM for a mere $5,000,000.  

--- "Kaimbridge M. GoldChild"
<kaimbridge@programmer.net> wrote:
> Dave Faneuf wrote,
> > I recall that the WBZ-FM automation was not the
> greatest and that
> > they used to simulcast the top of the hour news
> from WBZ-AM,  I
> > think the news would come on exactly at the top of
> the hour no
> > matter what was on the air on BZ-FM
> Yup, I remember those daze!--I used to like to a/b
> between the AM
> and FM, noting how Gary LaP. sounded so rich and
> booming on the AM,
> but on the FM sounded like he was broadcasting from
> a closet (as he
> does now on the AM, since they began running $tereo
> and dropped
> the reverb and heavy compression--though, at the
> time, I had no
> idea what compression was, just that AM "sounded
> better" than FM!).
>      ~Kaimbridge~
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