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Re: Talk Radio

At 04:31 PM 1/6/02 -0800, Adam Rivers wrote:
>You guys all know me. You know I'm not the ordinary 13
>year old, does anyone know a radio station director
>that might give me a shot for a trial talk radio show,
>if you don't believe i can have a good show, talk to
>me and find out for sure!!! So please email me off
>list or on list I don't care if you think someone
>might give me a shot.

I don't think there's a single commercial station that would do it.  But 
there's some college stations that probably wouldn't mind.  WMFO is a 
bloody mess but they stick to their guns on the "FreeForm" message, you 
really can do whatever the heck you want with your timeslot.   Don't expect 
good quality equipment, though...and there's only ability to have one 
phoner on the air, period.  Even that is sketchy - I tried to do a call-in 
talkshow from there and gave up after six weeks....the equipment issues 
were too much for a perfectionist like to me to deal with.  :-)

WBRS has better facilities but you'd be in line behind all the students for 
shows...and you couldn't do your show except during the midnight-1am slot 
reserved for talkshows.  I wouldn't bet too heavily on it.

WMBR might, but it'll be a *lot* tougher getting on the air, there.   I 
don't think that's a viable options as last I heard, competition for 
airtime was fierce at WMBR.

WMWM might, but I have no clue what the scene is over there...Bob?

There's also some other community stations you might try but their range is 
limited...WIQH (Concord High School) or WZLY (Wellesley College).  Maybe 
WDJM (Framingham State College)?

Wherever you go you'll be caught in a catch-22 of sorts...a good talk show 
usually thrives on callers, but no station with a large enough listener 
base to guarantee a lot of callers is going to put you on-air.  At least, 
not that I can think of.   It'll take a lot of preseverance and probably at 
least 3 to 5 years to build a loyal following.

Good luck!
- Aaron

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