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Re: Talk Radio

--- Aaron Read <aread@speakeasy.net> wrote:
> WMWM might, but I have no clue what the scene is
> over there...Bob?

Well, you could contact our program director or
general manager (info at http://wmwm.star.net) but
not sure if they'll go for it. (Maybe with adult
supervision, you could...)

True story, though: For years, WMWM has taken part in
Starting Early at Salem State, a program for advanced
kids age 9 to 13. We do the "Radio Disc Jockey"
course, where we teach the kids about radio (this
happens every July) for about three weeks. One year,
one student whose name was Augie (13 years old) asked
if he could do a regular show with us.

We said yes, and he did Saturdays 12-3 pm for a couple
weeks. Seemed OK; played heavy metal and punk.
One week, he didn't show up but a friend of his
did. "I'm doing his show this week," he told me.

"Wait a minute--we made an exception to put him on
(a bit too young to be in college!), and now you're
doing his show?"

"He trained me."

Well, we didn't put THAT kid on. (I think we just
turned off the transmitter that week.) Another time,
we got a call from Augie's mother.

"August will not be on the air this week. He's
being punished."

Augie was only on a few weeks, but I still have to
chuckle over that one. One of our DJs wouldn't be
on because his mommy said no. :)

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