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Re: Talk Radio

Dan B. writes:
>  > As some on this list may know, I got my start in radio at a very young
> age
> > (13 to be exact) working first for WBZ's Kid Company
> Wow.  I thought I started young at 15, but you've got me beat by two

Again, I had an outlet to start. Kid Company encourages kids my age, as well
as younger, to join up and be part of their broadcasts. Therefore, I was
going to an environment with a bunch of my peers, not necessarily breaking
the 'adult' barrier at first.

> I started out doing color on high school football broadcasts at a local
> station and then worked into riding board and doing other things behind
> scenes.  I'm not sure if those kinds of opportunities are as readily
> available today.

Very good opportunities. These opportunities (especially the HS football
commentating) are more likely to be found today working for the local cable
access station, as opposed to the daytimer AM station, though.