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Re: Talk Radio

Adam wonders:
> You know I'm not the ordinary 13
> year old, does anyone know a radio station director
> that might give me a shot for a trial talk radio show,

Well, if you bought the time, I'm sure plenty of stations would
be willing to put your show on.  :-)  But perhaps that's not
what you were thinking of.   

Actually, your suggestion, while it sounds pretty far-fetched,
isn't totally unthinkable.  Today, WTKK started a 6-week Sunday
afternoon talk show run by a couple of people who claim to be
absolute radio beginners.   It's a gimmick, of course: it's
going to be filmed for a feature on the "Chronicle" TV show, on
the theme: "So you wanna be a talk-show host?"   I didn't listen
to the program, so I can't comment on how well the duo did.

Have you looked to the college (or high-school) stations to see
if any have shifts to fill with, say, an hour of sports talk
Saturday afternoon for the kid crowd?


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