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Re: when oldies stations drop the 50s...

--- Joseph Pappalardo <joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com>
> I think you take this entirely too personally.  It's
> not as if the "Happy
> Days Era" never existed...it's that the Happy Days
> Era folks are now
> grandparents...

Well, I'm not really taking it personally, but was
mentioning it because a) it's a sign "we're all
getting older", and b) it shows how money controls
radio. But of course radio is a business so it's only
natural they look out for their own
financial well-being. If that means jettisoning
the 50s, then you can see why it's been done.

I'll be 40 next month so am more of the type who likes
60s/70s (and maybe 80s) anyway. In some ways, I didn't
mind that the 50s stuff was gone; but once they did
take it off, I realized that some interesting music
was now gone ("you don't know what you've got until
you lose it"). Sure, maybe the "Happy Days" sound was
done to death, but there were many great 50s
songs/artists, people who influenced rock and roll
greatly. And now, because of the "demoes", that stuff
is tough to find on the radio.

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