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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

Bob wrote of 80's tunes...
>> Some other 80s tunes could fit in:
> "She Works Hard for the Money"-- Donna Summer
> "Walkin' on Sunshine"-- Katrina and the Waves
> any of a number of songs by the Police, the Cars,
> Billy Idol (try his cover of "Mony Mony"....<<

and with the exception of Billy Idol, WROR played ALL of 
those tunes & artists for the first few years of its 
life as an "oldies" station.  it may have simply been a 
concept slightly ahead of its time.

and regarding the differences between 'ROR & 'ODS.. 
noted with the following exception:
'ROR still does sneak in the occasional track that might 
be considered "Classic Rock."  have done so from the 
start, and still do so to this day.

- -Chuck Igo