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when oldies stations drop the 50s...

Continuing our discussion on how some/most oldies
stations are dropping the sounds of the 50s and
early 60s: It's as if the "Happy Days" decade never
existed, on some oldies stations. As Bob Bittner noted
on "Let's Talk About Radio", you might hear some of
the softer 50s tunes on some stations, 
but what about the more rockin' ones? Little Richard?
Jerry Lee Lewis? Chuck Berry?

As radio aims for the prime demographic, those who
grew up with Fifties music are being pushed aside
in favor of those who fondly remember the 60s and
70s. Maybe that Fifties audience has moved to news/
talk, sports, or standards stations.

Recently I was playing some Chuck Berry on my WMWM
blues show (and playing cuts like "Downbound Train",
"Brown Eyed Handsome Man", and "Tulane") 
and I remarked right afterward that oldies stations
were NOT playing stuff Chuck's songs these days.

And speaking of Chuck:
Remember the sketch on Sat. Nite Live when a group of
psychics met on a talk show, and the host said that a
probe had been sent out to the far reaches of the
galaxy, containing music ranging from classical to
Chuck Berry. One psychic predicted that some aliens
would come into contact with the probe and send back a
four-word message: 

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