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Re: WARE Changing Format??

Hey, PolNet, out of Chicago (isn't their home base WNVR Vernon Hills, IL,
and isn't WNVR on 1030?) recently bought WLIM, a 10 kW station on 1580 at
the eastern end of Long Island. A year or so earlier, PolNet bought WRKL 910
in New City New York, in Rockland county on the west side of the Hudson. As
I understand it, WRKL and WLIM simulcast WNVR's all-Polish programming 100%.
If PolNet has the $$$ and wants to spread its wings to New England, the
company could do a lot worse than WARE--and if PolNet is little short of
cash just now, they could LMA WARE; Mega is already into LMAs (and with
companies whose names end in Net). We have such an LMA to thank for the
C-Net all-high-tech-all-the-time programming on WBPS 980.

Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
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> Terrible in Springfield, mostly due to splatter from WSPR.  Night signal
> is pretty much non-existent.  I wonder if there is a ground swell of
> community actiivity in Ware, which has no local paper and now, no local
> radio?  Also, in my opinion, the numbers presented in a previous post for
> persons of Hispanic origin in Ware as HIGH.  Now, Polish... that'd be a
> different story...