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Re: Stooges/Circus Maximus...and FTPee-ing....

Oops. Its Moe Howard.

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> Brian Vita wrote:
> >Just a friendly thought for you -
> >
> >The family of Moe Fine owns the rights to all of the 3 Stooges images,
> >films, etc.  They vigorously prosecute all copyright/trademark
> >infringements, real or imagined.  Be careful.
> >
> Moe's family(Howard) or Larry's family (Fine)? I seem to remember that
there was some legal wrangling going on among the families several years ago
over the rights to various incarnations of the Three Stooges name and
> Anyway, it was Moe Howard, Curly (Jerry) Howard, and Shemp Howard
(brothers), and Larry Fine (friend/partner, though I have also heard that he
was a cousin). Then there were Joe Besser and Joe DeRita in the 50s & 60s.
> I remember that Moe used to be available for radio interviews possibly as
late as 1973-74 timenframe. I remember working on our house with my dad in
1972 and WMEX was running a Radiothon for St. Jude's  hospital. One of their
features was an interview with Moe.
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