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Re: Another reason to hate Public Television

On Sat, 8 Dec 2001, Aaron Read wrote:

> At 08:16 PM 12/8/01 -0500, Dib9@aol.com wrote:
> >Unfortunately, they are having all the performers perform with a big band
> >including a full horn section.  Not only does the band overpower many of the
> >singers, but rock-n-roll, with only a few notable exceptions, is not meant to
> >be played by a big band of men wearing tuxedos.  Not only does the music
> >sound crappy when played that way, that's just not what's its about.
> Oh but it CAN be done right.  Ever hear the "S&M" album?  (Metallica w/ the
> San Francisco Symphony Orchestra)   DAMN fine album.  But I'll grant
> you...the symphony is definitely in the background where it
> belongs....except for specific instances where they're taking advantage of
> the string section.

And how abotu Jimmy Page and Robert Plant's album "No Quarter" with a lot
ofd songs done with the London Symphony orchestra..... "The Rain Song" and
"Kashmir" stand out.......

the mroe amazing fact is they have an entire orchestra replacing one guy,
John OPaul Jones, who was not even invited to thee project....