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RE: XM Radio

At 02:14 PM 12/9/01 -0500, Hakim Madjid wrote:
>73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)
>My favorite channels so far on it, are BBC World service (a real version
>there of, not the news feed the BBC distributes to NPR), CNBC, CNET, Deep
>Tracks, Top Tracks, The Loft, World Zone, XM Classics, Vox (Classical vocal
>and Opera) and Fine Tunning.

You would shocked, SHOCKED I say, at how much massaging the programming 
from the Beeb gets when WBUR puts it up.  It's usually delayed quite a 
lot....except for the overnights, which are usually live but since GMT is 5 
hours ahead of Eastern Time, they're only really getting geared up at 3 or 
4am our time.  :-(

What's really funny was (back when Chris Lydon was still Connection host) 
the massive DROP in the ratings share from 9am to 10am when BBC NewsHour 
runs between Morning Edition and the Connection.   WBUR listeners are 
pretty show-specific I guess, cause it'd stay high for ME, drop for BBC, 
spike for Connection, plummet for Here & Now, spike for Fresh Air, plummet 
for Talk of the Nation, and spike again for ATC.

I'm curious though...how have The Connection and Talk of the Nation done in 
the WBUR ratings now that Dick Gordon and Neal Conan have taken over 
(respectively).  Anyone know?

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