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RE: More: Re: [BC] C-NET programming begins on WBPS 12/1/01 at about 3:15 PM EST

Dan Strassberg Writes:

>I imagine that C-Net Radio operates with zero staffing on weekends. Still,
>think that if somebody in C-Net Radio's management had been on the ball,
>when the crisis began to break, they might have called you and asked you to
>put together the five-minute-or-so summary/backgrounder and feed it to
>Even if you had been at home when they tracked you down, you probably could
>have managed that. They then could have substituted your piece for the
>completely repetitive TOH "news" feeds that WBPS has been aring since the
>C-Net programming began yesterday afternoon. And if you were in a position
>to do so, you could have periodically called in additional shorter updates
>that could have aired after the longer piece to keep it fresh and current.

Yea from listening in (XM not WBPS) definitely it doesn't sound like
anyone's mindding the store at CNET radio on weekends. I agree with all your
other points, CNET defintely dropped the ball on this one. From listening in
the past week or so, I get the feeling that CNET is trying to do this new
radio venture of theirs on a shoestring budget. That's why they seemingly
can't seem to get a handle covering the Excite@home nonsense.

I'll have to say, however, that Lawrence seemed to be doing a pretty good
job on his evening talk show both Friday and yesterday (Monday) on the
Excite@home situation. But a listener just tuning in to CNET with no
knowledge of the situation, would probably become confused as to what was
going on.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)