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Download...Woo-woo interview....

OK Gang, I think I got the bugs worked outa this thing...

So, again, if anyone would like to download the interview with Christopher
Lydon and Arnie "woo-woo" Ginsberg....you can click on the link below:


It should take you to a page where you should see the file.  Put your mouse
over it and 'right-click' on it.  It will prompt you for a place to save it
on your computer's hard drive.  Select a place...and it should start
downloading.  It's an MP3 file.
(If you've got a chance to listen...then I'm interested in your comments.)

If someone wants to record WJIB's "talking about radio"(name?) show as a
.wav or MP3 file.....I would gladly make it available on the server for
anyone to download.

Again, problems downloading...?  Write me privately.



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