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Re: News Story

 Rod O'Connor wrote:
>WDEA 1370 stopped local sports 2 winters ago. I was told recently by one
>of the Cumuus staffers it was because they couldn't find anybody to work
>the control board and coordinate the remotes. 
>Personally, I think WDEA/Cumulus could realize sustantial ad sales as
>well as dedicated listeners if they did feature more local sports....but
>I am sure that powers to be at Cumulus must have a good reason to think

Yes, local sports CAN make money.  It also can be expensive to produce.
You need a minimum of 3 people (pbp & color at the game, and a board op
back at the station).  If you wanted to invest the time & $ to make remote
controlling the automation work you might be able to do without the board
op.  Many of the larger groups see all but the big flamethrower AMs as dead
weight, and want to operate them as cheaply as possible.

Selling local sports isn't as easy as it once was either.  Most of the
sponsors tend to be mom & pop businesses who are finding it more difficult
to compete with the Home Depots & Walmarts of the world.  I have my doubts
that advertising on HS sports brings in much additional business...it's
more of a "community involvment" buy.