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Re: Tech Issues

> Really.

I started this.

The WBPS call letters of course are at least 7 years old, and were meant for a
station that was at the time, sports talk, even after they dropped the WBMA

My statement was meant to imply that WBPS is perfect for a tech format, and no
further change at least in my humble opinion would be necessary,
Unless the owners decide to apply for WDSL, or WBND ( Broadband) :)

> This is why generations of modems tend to come out in multiples of prior
> speeds, 1200 to 2400 to 4800 to 9600...
> But WBPS's calls don't make much sense, because the bps speed rates were
> only seen with modems. And afterall, with the big move to broadband, modems
> are being replaced by DSL links and cable modems, which are much faster and
> more reliable, and with the way they seem to be catching on... (rereads top
> half of this message) uh, nevermind.