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Re: News Story

Maybe they didn't want to take a pay cut from McDonalds.

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> Rod wrote:
> >WDEA 1370 stopped local sports 2 winters ago. I was told recently by one
> >of the Cumuus staffers it was because they couldn't find anybody to work
> >the control board and coordinate the remotes.
> I find this comment mystifying.  I consulted WDEA/WWMJ during the late
> 80/early 90s, and even though it was in Ellsworth, 25 long miles from
> Bangor (with no expressway or high speed highway access), we always could
> find people to work.  Okay, maybe they weren't the next incarnation of
> Gowdy, but they were live humans who were eager to work in radio.  The
> Cumulus comment sounds a bit disingenuous to me.