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Re: George Harrison passes away from Cancer, 58

 Jeremy Mixer wrote:

> For those of you who may not have yet turned on the news or picked up a
> newspaper, George Harrison passed away at 1 PM Pacific Time Thursday in
> California of Cancer.

I recall back when John Lennon died at the hands of a crazed gunman back on
Dec 8, 1980 many stations played all Beatles music for a day or more after
Lennon's death. I have tapes somewhere of WBCN and WXKS-FM doing Beatles &
John Lennon tributes. As I quickly scan the radio on my way out the door to
work, WZLX is playing all George Harrison and Beatles, and right now Paul
Perry on WODS Oldies 103.3 is talking about Harrison's career with the
Beatles and as a solo artist.

Mark Watson