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Re: George Harrison passes away from Cancer, 58

>Mark wrote--
>As I quickly scan the radio on my way out the door to
>work, WZLX is playing all George Harrison and Beatles, and right now Paul
>Perry on WODS Oldies 103.3 is talking about Harrison's career with the
>Beatles and as a solo artist.

And WZLX dug out an old tape from Charles Laquidara when WBCN was about a 
year old, and he did a very brief interview with George-- they both sounded 
(how shall we say?) a bit space-y....It's also amusing listening to all the 
people who called in claiming to have been at Suffolk Downs when the 
Beatles played there... kind of like the 63 million people who say they 
were at Woodstock... One person who really was there when the Beatles came 
to town was veteran WBZ newsguy Gary LaPierre-- back then it was one of his 
first assignments, if I recall some comments he made for a newspaper which 
asked him what it felt like to be doing your first major story and it's to 
interview the Beatles... Anybody on this list ever meet any of the 
Beatles?  I saw John and Yoko hailing a taxi back when I lived in NYC in 
the mid 70s, but I never did talk to any members of the band, although I 
always wanted to...