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Re: XM Satellite Radio

Sure it's legal.

Radio is like publishing....you don't have to sell ads to anyone you don't
want to.  The only situation where there are regualtions...is when it comes
to political spots....where the playing field has to be (somewhat) level
when it comes to access.

Someone here mentioned it only applied to candidates for federal office.
What about political spots on a local basis?  Can a station sell time to one
candidate for mayor...and refuse to sell time to his opponent...?  Anyone

As far as Dan's supposition about an imaginary station refusing to sell time
to Afican-American businesses.  I think that issue is not an FCC rule...but
a civil rights rule.  If an owner/operator wants to chance being liable for
millions of dollars...and/or losing his shirt/station on civil rights
charges...I suppose he can do that...and chance going to court.

Again, this is not for the editorial content of the station....but for the
"open for business" sign that he hangs out.  You can't be "open for
business" and exclude people of color, gender, faith, etc...


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> Is this a legal stance?  Under what guise[s] can they legally
> refuse a sponsor?  Legal assistance required here!
> Calling all lawyerly lurkers and contributors!
> Roger
> Jerry Decker wrote:
> > Saga, Cox, Entercom, Greater Media, NextMedia
> > and Buckley/WOR Group will not be taking any
> > ads that slam broadcast radio.
> >  Dan Billings wrote:
> > >When I went into work today, there was a memo posted announcing that
> Saga,
> > >the company that owns the station that I work for, will not be
> accepting ads
> > >from any of the satellite radio providers.

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