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Re: XM Satellite Radio

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From: "A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@attorneyross.com>
To: "Brian Anastasi" <anastasi@javanet.com>
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Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2001 12:10 AM
Subject: Re: XM Satellite Radio

> On 30 December 2001 at 14:53, Brian Anastasi wrote:
> > "There is no constitutional right to purchase airtime on the public
> > airwaves."  Hmm, sounds like an infringement on the constitutional right
> > of free speech, to me....
On 1 December 2001 A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> Constitutional rights apply to what the government is allowed to do, not
what private individuals
> are allowed to do.
Thanks for the clarification!  I didn't mean to stir things up, and I
apologize to everyone if I did...