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Re: XM Satellite Radio

Saga, Cox, Entercom, Greater Media, NextMedia
and Buckley/WOR Group will not be taking any
ads that slam broadcast radio. I guess the 
thinking is that the current ad revenue shortfall
will not be made up at the expense of potentially
losing some of their listners who may not 
return...ever. One of my business partners just
installed the XM system in his car. I listened
for about an hour as we drove from the city to
NJ. Great, dynamic sound quality(even with average Bose speakers it blows away any powerhouse FM station) but programming is very much like the rest of the conventional FM dial...I checked out rock music channels. Bland, very bland. Same Elvis Costello or LedZep tunes I can get on Q104, same Limp Bizkit I can get from K-Rock; for news, CBS 880 and WINS are so much better than any CNN or FOX national news. What's the point of XM? I can't see an average consumer/listener getting all excited about it unless they(satellite services) really offer something unique in their packaing. So far, it's bubkas! Most of XM's popular/big format music channels run ads, so where's the advantage over big local corporate dogs?! It's great to have a 3rd band button on your tuner as an option and the sound and reception are absolutely unreal(I am not kidding you!), but to pay for it?! It just makes very little sense at this point, at least to me.

Just my $0.99...:)


On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 18:52:26  
 Dan Billings wrote:
>When I went into work today, there was a memo posted announcing that Saga,
>the company that owns the station that I work for, will not be accepting ads
>from any of the satellite radio providers.
>-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine