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Gardiner will leave Maine Public Broadcasting at end of 2002

MPB President Rob Gardiner has announced that he will leave MPB at the end of 

The story below mentions Gardiner's success at MPB, including the merger with 
WCBB and the approval of a bond issue to fund the transition to digital TV.  
The story also mentions the recent controversy of changes to radio 

The article does not mention the unsettled labor/management relations during 
Gardiner's tenure, his abandoned plan to centralize all MPB operations in 
southern Maine, or conflict of interest allegations related to program 
underwriting and Board Members.

Objectively, I think you would have to say that Gardiner has been successful 
in his tenure as MPB President, but it is bad journalism not to mention the 
highly publicized problems during his tenure.



-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine