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Re: Hub TV in Western Mass....

On Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 11:02  PM, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> May be relevant to what was recently discussed.
> Cut/paste this URL if necessary...
> Thoughts?
> J
> http://www.businesstoday.com/business/business/cabl11282001.htm

It would make the discussion easier if you had a sentence or two 
describing the issues in the article.

A western Mass. lawmaker wants to force local cable companies to carry 
Boston TV stations, because he says the local stations don't air enough 
news to protect the safety of his constituents.  Specifically they 
didn't carry a speech by Acting Gov. Swift in the beginning of October.

I think he has a valid complaint to take to the TV station management 
about their lack of coverage, but it would be a huge overkill in 
regulation to force all the cable companies to carry rival network 
stations from Boston.  And it would be counterproductive in the long 
run, because it would hurt the economics of the stations that are really 
most likely to serve his constituents.  He wouldn't be very happy if the 
loss of viewers caused local stations to cut their news budgets, because 
those Boston TV stations will cover his area's local news approximately 
zero times per year.