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Re: Subject: WZON (wasRe: Bruins Network (was: RE: 640 AM Frequency) )

Don't go by the patterns at the Kodis site. To get the 
correct pattern you must flip the Kodis pattern about 
the north-south axis and then rotate the result 
clockwise by 90 degrees. WZON has to be nulled more or 
less to the west at night. The legacy station on 620 is 
WTMJ, and it has to be protected. The Tampa Bay station 
(ex-WSUN) might also require protection. I don't know 
whether WZON or WVMT is older but I recall that they 
protect each other. WHEN protects WTMJ and either WVMT 
or WZON or both. WSNR Newark is the newest station on 
620 in the northeast. It first signed on as WVNJ in 
December 1947. Any protection it gets is the result of 
co-channel stations protecting other stations in the 
same general direction.

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> It's a 2 tower DA-N, 5kw.  It's pointed Northwest.  I recall WPRO and WFLA were 
> the protected stations in the old paperwork.