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RE: WJJM AM 94 KhZ??

<Adam Rivers Wrote>

> Is there REALLY a
> station on that frequency? The Coverage map for the station is humungous.
> How do people receive this station, I have never seen a radio
> with "94 KhZ"
> on it

A quick check of the FCC database and Kodis shows WJJM as being at 1490kHz
licensed to Lewisburg, TN. This appears to be a mistake in the Radio-Locator
database. Also if you check the Radio-Locator database, it doesn't say
Clarksburg, it's licensed to Lewisburg. 94kHz seems to me to be below the
low end of the LW radio band 150kHz. I am new to the LW band myself (and
finding some REALLY interesting stuff on it, but I'm also learning to have
patience with it too!)


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