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Re:Direct feed off AM radio

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, John Bolduc wrote:

> This is a little different, but WSMN 1590 Nashua NH used to, and probable
> still does get their internet feed off of an AM radio. I call the GM on
> day to complain about the audio quality on the net, saying it sounded as
> if I was trying to listen to 1590 while being tuned to 1580. I was
> monitoring the quality of the incoming packets on the internet and they
> were great, so something was wrong before the feed hit the net. The GM
> called me back said, give a listen. It sounded as if he was retuning the
> radio, and it cleared up immediately. He said somebody must have "bumped
> the radio".

Interesting........I am pretty sure WKIT's FM feed that broadcasts online
comes from a stereo receiver, however, I am not sure about how WZON-AM is
broadcast online, and especially WZONi (internet only broadcast). I do
know that all three signals come from the same computer. I will try to get
more details on this this weekend if I remember.