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Re:Direct feed off AM radio

>I ask because someone told me
> once that in the 50s/early 60s they just used a radio tuned to 1250 to
> feed ....

This is a little different, but WSMN 1590 Nashua NH used to, and probable
still does get their internet feed off of an AM radio. I call the GM on
day to complain about the audio quality on the net, saying it sounded as
if I was trying to listen to 1590 while being tuned to 1580. I was
monitoring the quality of the incoming packets on the internet and they
were great, so something was wrong before the feed hit the net. The GM
called me back said, give a listen. It sounded as if he was retuning the
radio, and it cleared up immediately. He said somebody must have "bumped
the radio".


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