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Re: What's JJ up to?

Dan pondered:
>>I wonder if that is his plan.  I think he might be 
trying to put together a group that someone like Clear 
Channel will overpay for.<<

   you are right on the money.  i don't know how you 
figured out that his diabolical plan is indeed to TAKE 
(pinky to side of mouth and evil laugh inserted here)
  all i can say at this point is:  GET TO KNOW THE MAN 
BEFORE YOU JUDGE HIM!  damn it!  you do this far too 
often.  and you're the one studying to be a lawyer 
(innocent until....???)  i've had the pleasure of his 
company and guidance over the past year on a number of 
occasions.  he LOVES what he's doing.  HIS FRIENDS tell 
him he's completely nuts.  he smiles, agrees and then 
gets back on the phone to another syndicator to see if 
he can regain some ground.  he's a nice guy, Dan.  
contrary to your standard, all-to-often one-size-fits-
all assesments, NICE GUYS (& GALS) do exist.

as Adam might say:  "puh-leeeze... let's take it to the 
house!"  (um, whatever that's supposed to mean.  it 
looked good in the letter. ;-)  )  
(see Adam... the mean old grown-ups do read what you 
write.  now, on behalf of the list:  quit YOUR freakin' 
whining.  keep posting, but if you're gonna play with 
the big boys & girls, suck it up and get used to it.  
that's how the kids in North Cambridge, which is also a 
part of Western MA, were raised.  (well, it IS west of 
Charlestown and Revere and Nahant...) )

- -Chuck Igo