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RE: What's JJ up to?

Dan B wrote:
>>... He's a "David" with tens of millions of dollars of Citadel's money in
bank account!   He may be currently battling the Goliaths of the current
system, but he has also personally profited from greatly from the current

  the FJ profits were split many, many ways.  and remember: those were the
profits from the sale of the properties; the net.  and do you mean to say
that you *almost* begrudge Bob & JJ from making some money off a little
venture they started in a trailer on the side of hill in Sabattus?  they
earned every penny of that deal.  but i understand what you're saying, don't
take that the wrong way.  however, JJ's current operating costs are coming,
more than likely, out his own pocket.  listening to the spot inventory on
the air, there's not a lot of local revenue being generated.  he could have
taken the money and run.  but he's a radio guy;  couldn't stay away.  and
now he's trying to offer some balance and alternatives to the corporate,
cookie-cutter radio that we in the Portland area now endure.

and then Dan added:
>>One property that is not interesting is WLOB AM & FM.  Being the fourth
station in the market with fourth rate talk programming off the satellite
does not add much to the market... <<

  That particular situation is exactly what i meant by his being a "David"
versus Goliath.  our (yes, Dan and i currently work together) current
employer ripped the rug out from under JJ on two separate fronts (Patriots
and a couple of the talk shows).

   no, JJ may have made some good cash from the sale of FJ, however, he's
trying to make a go of it instead of reaping the profit and leaving.
   yes, Bob Bittner is a "David," too.  he is like JJ in that he's doing
something he truly loves because he loves it.

- -Chuck Igo