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Re: Boston TV for Sale/Pittsfield Auction

<<On Sat, 17 Nov 2001 18:21:39 -0500, "Gary" <gff@mediaone.net> said:

> That would probably be ch 62 - the shopping channel.

That's a possibility; other choices might be one of the LPTVs (e.g.,
24, now running MTV2), or one of the New Hampshire U's.  (I can't
imagine Bud selling, but perhaps Devon might.)

What would make some amount of sense to me, if we're going to play
fantasy media baseball, would be the following:

- Assume NBC is willing to piss off Ansin (again).
- Move PAX programming from channel 21 to channel 60 (currently
running Paxson religion and/or infotrash).
- Induce HTV to purchase 21 as a duopoly with 9.  This should be
feasible; 21 is far-enough south that it shouldn't overlap
the area where 9 and 31 overlap, but far-enough north and east that it
shouldn't overlap with 5.  It's probably waiverable anyway, but if
that doesn't work, induce HTV to sell 31 instead.
- 31 then becomes a satellite of 21 instead of 5-North Pole, and 21
and 31 together become New Hampshire's NBC affiliate.

Now we can go on to answer the question, ``What happens when NBC
exercises its option on PAX?''