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What's JJ up to?

900 WJAE Brunswick has been off the air for the last few days.  The station 
is part of JJ Jeffrey's "Big Jab" sports simulcast with the 95.5 Topsham 
station (I forget the current calls of 95.5) and 1440 WJAE Westbrook.  AM 900 
in Brunswick is where J.J. and I first started in radio, about 25 years 
apart.  That's also about all my radio career has in common with Mr. 
Jeffrey's distinguished career, other than he has owned several stations that 
I once worked at.

I wonder why AM 900 is off the air?  The Big Jab legal ID on the other 
stations still mention WJAE Brunswick.  I hope the station returns.  Not only 
did I get my start there, but I have an old AM radio in my bathroom and I 
often tune into the station when I'm in the shower.  I can't get 1440 on that 

I also noticed dead air during the day on Citadel's "The Point" 98.9 WCLZ, on 
both Thursday and Friday.  I have heard through the grapevine that they are 
in the process of updating their automation software and that is probably 
what is causing the problem.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine