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WAAF...New England's #1 Out-of-Market Station???

I was looking at the overall ratings for WBZ and WAAF, the 2 New
England-Based stations (damn New Yorkers even beat us here..)that show up in
more markets (WBZ 9; WAAF 7) than any other. (PS: They've embargoed New
London CT, and I believe WAAF had shown up in their last book, but cannot

WBZ has 373,219 New England listeners, and WAAF has 209,768 New England
listeners (Rating/100 x Market Size).

BUT...if you eliminate the 'Home' Market for each station (WBZ, Boston and
WAAF, Worcester) WAAF has more 'out-of-market' listeners than WBZ (WAAF
with 183,534, WBZ with 58,958)

If you eliminate Worcester AND Boston from WAAF, and ONLY Boston from WBZ,
WBZ does have more 'out-of-market' listeners, but not by much (58,958 vs
WAAF 45,109)

Both stations without Boston AND Worcester, and it's basically a tie!
(WBZ 47,770 to WAAF 45,109)

What's this mean? I don't know, I guess people always think of WBZ as the
'New England' station (such that any station is) but WAAF would also have a
legitimate claim to that mantle.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-way too much free time on my hands-
-Derry NH