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Re: WMEX Schedule in the 60's

Joseph Pappalardo asked:
>And the "J.J.Jeffrey" you are referring to is the same one at 'RKO?

The very same one.  Likewise the same one who was half of Fuller-Jeffrey
Broadcasting and currently owns several stations in the Portland area.

then Rick Kelly replied to Joe's question:

>> And he did OVERNIGHTS???   I thought he was the star of 
>> 'MEX....destined to
>> go onto being their sucessful PD.
>Seems to me he went to WMEX after being at WPTR, Albany (I was a big fan
>of him on 'PTR.)  I thought he disappeared for a while, and became PD of
>WMEX in '69 or '70.

He was also at WFEA around 1963, probably just before he went to WPTR.  A
1967 "Go" magazine WMEX page jock lineup shows no reference to him then,
but he came back to WMEX sometime between late '69 and the summer of '70.
If he was at WMEX in 1967, he was still on overnights...no overnight jock
was shown.