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Re: WMEX Schedule in the 60's

The 1964 lineup was correct - including the air shift times:

Fenway 5-9
Mel Miller  9-12
Dan Donovan  12-4
Melvin X. Melvin  4-8
Arnie HGinsburg  8-10
Jerry Willaims 10-1
Johnny Gardner  1-5 

1966 lineup someone else sent in was also accurate:  

Larry Justice 6-10
The Jones Boy  10-2
Mel Miller  2-4
Dan Donovan  4-7
Arnie Ginsburg  7-10
Steve Fredericks  10-1
Larry Glick  1-6

Johnny Gardner was indeed John H. Garabedian.

Melvin X. Melvin was JJ Jeffrey, not Mel Miller. Note that both Mel Miller and Melvin X. Melvin were on WMEX during the same era. Airchecks clearly show that they were not the same person.

I believe that Jeffrey came to WMEX in the early 60's when Charlie Parker left.

The part that I know for sure is that he was given the mike name Melvin X. Melvin.  The name was inspired by civil rights activist Malcolm X, who was assassinated during National Brotherhood Week in 1965. After Jeffrey left WMEX that same year Mack Richmond retired the Melxin X. Melvin name.  Mel Miller continued on the station for a few more years - using his own name.