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Re: Arbitrends(tm) Available

Garrett writes:
You don't need a gigantic audience to make a
> good profit with those demographics.  (And for 'XRV's ratings you
> should look in the Portsmouth and Manchester <snip>

And you have to keep in the equations WXRV's _much_ lower overhead,
break-even, operating income, etc. factors.  WBOS jock salaries alone must
dwarf the Haverhill FM's, even with consolidation and budget "spread" across
lines.  WXRV's rate's lower, but so is it's cost to operate. Factor in So.
NH and seacoast generated inventory and you could see why it would be far
less linked to the numbers. Gotta give "the River" credit for hanging in
there with the format.

I wish I could say the same for it's new sister here in Vt. (Alice 93.7
WXAL-FM Addison) who had initially co-opted much of WXRV's music inventory,
clock, even voices and refreshingly conversational "presence" for what
seemed to be a few short weeks.  Music may be less of what was tweaked, but
in has come a more out-of-the-box liner/productions "sound."

Bill O'Neill