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RE: Arbitrends(tm) Available

WGIR-FM is comparing itself to WAAF.

Arbitron calls 'AAF and 'GIR 'Active Rock',
WBCN is 'Alternative' (and 7-8 hrs of 'talk during the day certainly makes
it significantly different from WGIR-FM), WZLX is 'Classic Rock' and WBOS is

Heck WGIR-FM at 1.3 TIED WFNX and was only 0.2 behind WBOS. Certainly is the
highest ranked 'out-of-market' station (unless WPLM is considered

How about WBOS finishing BEHIND Mega's WAMG/WLLH Tropical! Maybe 'BOS should
go espanol!

BOS and XRV combined at 2.4.......AAA is dead-dead-dead.....

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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> Laurence Glavin wrote:
> > Nashua's WHOB-FM 106.3 another Class A
> >makes a showing,
> Considering that Nashua is now part of the Boston metro that's not too
> surprising.
> Something that sounds incredibly lame is WGIR-FM's constant hype of being
> "Boston's #2 rock station".  Gag!  As I recall, they showed up, but just
> barely, which puts them behind WBCN, WAAF, WZLX and WBOS at the
> very least.