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<<On Mon, 12 Nov 2001 13:00:11 -0500, "Hakim Madjid" <HMadjid@mindspring.com> said:

> Would that conusmer electronics manufacturers provide and easy way for the
> user to upgrade firmware.

In some cases they do.  It's possible to even change the operating
system on a first-generation TiVo!

You will note, if you have cellular service, that your contract
probably specifies that the carrier is allowed to remotely modify the
software on your phone whenever they so desire.

There was a research group in this Lab which developed technology for
software-defined radios.  On the sort of machines which were current
five years ago, they could readily demodulate all then-common forms of
both analog and digital transmission.  Their idea was particularly
interesting in the wireless telephony arena, where it would be very
useful to be able to reprogram both mobiles and base stations on the
fly to adapt to changing conditions.  The FCC has just recently
completed a rulemaking exercise over how software-defined radios are
to be licensed and type-approved.