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Sven Franklyn Weil wrote:

>It's bad enough that I've got a cable box that crashes multiple times a
>week...and a computer that doesn't crash at all.  How about someone coming
>up with a Linux-powered cable box?

Sven Franklyn Weil

A Linux cable box might not solve anything, if the application code that
runs on it is flakey. But in general in our sillicon based era, as more and
more gizmos have imbedded microprocessors in them, there will be more and
more problems such as you're expreiencing with your cable box.

Currently I'm dealing with a flakey DVD player (standalone - not computer
drive), which I suspect might be manifesting a firmware- related bug.

Would that conusmer electronics manufacturers provide and easy way for the
user to upgrade firmware. For instance I own the top-of-line Olympus digital
camera, and the firmware revision in it has a few bugs, such as with the
auto focus, well the only way to get the thing corrected is to send the
camera back to Olympus for a firmware upgrade. I wish they had seen fit to
provide a user upgradeable firmware method.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)