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RE: Patriots

<Adam Rivers Wrote>

> Well, Channel 3, You've done it again. When will you realize you
> are part of
> New England and not New York? Most Jets fans in Connecticut live in
> Fairfield and New Haven Counties, which both get WCBS from New
> York.

Do you know this for a fact Adam? The truth is many, I repeat MANY
Connecticut residents are upset about the Patriots snubbing off Hartford.
While I personally am disappointed in WFSB's choice to carry the Jets, and
they do it repeatedly, the people who program WFSB aren't stupid and know
what CT residents want to see.

> you realize that the Patriots are a
> team that could go places this year,

With that logic, the Syracuse and Utica stations would carry Jets instead of
the Buffalo.

> Do  you realize
> you cover Western Massachusetts, and hundreds of thousands of DIE HARD NEW
> ENGLAND PATRIOTS FANS? Do you realize that our cable companies
> don't give us WBZ from Boston or WPRI from Providence?

They may cover Western Mass. but the majority of their ad revenue is from
CONNECTICUT stores and businesses. If the majority of their business came
from Mass. stores, then they would care. As sad as it may seem, thats the
bottom line. You have to cater to the money. As for not carrying WBZ, I
believe WFSB has must carry non retransmit consent for Hampden County. Cable
operators in Hampshire and Franklin counties carry WBZ.

Adam, as much as I am also very frustrated at WFSB not carrying the Pats, I
can understand why they didn't. Although I don't agree with the reasoning, I
also don't agree with the FCC's decision to amend the Springfield DMA to
include WFSB. I wish WTEN in Albany was still CBS so we could watch them on
WCDC-19 =). You should try to write the station manager there, you probably
wouldn't be the first to do so, and it wouldn't hurt.