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Well, Channel 3, You've done it again. When will you realize you are part of
New England and not New York? Most Jets fans in Connecticut live in
Fairfield and New Haven Counties, which both get WCBS from New York. I live
in Chicopee, MA and our newspaper gives us your excuse that the ratings are
higher in Connecticut for the Jets. Do you realize that the Patriots are a
team that could go places this year, while the Jets can not? Do you realize
you cover Western Massachusetts, and hundreds of thousands of DIE HARD NEW
ENGLAND PATRIOTS FANS? Do you realize that our cable companies don't give us
WBZ from Boston or WPRI from Providence? There is no reason why the Jets
should be televised in Connecticut and Massachusetts, where more than half
of the fans are for the Patriots. Do you realize that there are enough
Patriots fans to warrant a radio station, WCCC 106.9, in Hartford for the
Patriots radio network when people can easily get WLZX 99.3's Patriots Radio
Network coverage from Springfield? Your channel continues to disappoint New
England Patriot fans by unjustifiably televising Jets games in Western
Massachusetts. New York Jets sports fans are not in Western Massachusetts or
Northern Connecticut. Get your priorities straight, Channel 3, or you'll be
a station on the downturn. I suggest you change your decision or we Patriots
fans will be taking it to a higher authority.