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Re: New Radio Website

My new radio website is up and running. More of the stuff will be coming
soon, as soon as I can find the time in my schedule to complete it. Please
give me any criticism, any ideas for improvement, and if you found any dead
links.. email them to Patriotsrule417@prodigy.net, it would be a REAL help..
I have worked out as many of the problems as I have found, and I really need
your help to continue this.. Please make radio reception lists and stuff
like that to send to me so they can be there, any DXing reports, or anything
else, please send them right here, it would be a major help. This site is
being run by a 13 year old and I have looked at several different sites to
see how I should do mine. I just came up with the idea yesterday when I was
looking at one of those sites and was extremely bored.. so please feedback

the site is http://adamskewlsite.freeservers.com/radio/